304/316 Eyebolts Stainless Steel

Short Description:

  • Standard: DIN580
  • Material: 304, 316
  • Grade: A2-70,A4-70,A4-80
  • Nominal Diameter: M6-M20
  • Pitch: /
  • Length: /
  • Surface Treatment: True color, whitewash
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    DIN580 eye bolts have a ring-shaped head from the outside. They are used for lifting and have threaded fasteners at the tail. The DIN580 lifting eye screw must be installed vertically on the plane of the workpiece, and the joint surface must be flat and the joint must be tight. The eyebolt must be screwed in until it is in close contact with the bearing surface, but it is not allowed to use tools to tighten.

    Precautions for the use of eye bolts:

    1. The user must be trained before using the product, in order to use the product correctly and ensure safety;

    2. For different occasions and application scenarios, choose the correct type, grade and length of eyebolts;

    3. Before use, check carefully to see if there is any damage, if so, replace it immediately;

    4. Rotate until it is in close contact with the support surface, and it is not allowed to use the tool plate to tighten;

    5. For different types of lifting ring screws, the lifting direction should be within the range of the force direction. For example: the lifting ring screw has national standard, American standard and other standards, to ensure that it is within its force range;

    6. The maximum lifting weight is the rated load, which cannot be overloaded, otherwise serious consequences will occur;

    7. If the wear exceeds 10% of the diameter of the interface during use, it must be stopped. If it is forced to use, it is prone to safety accidents.


    Advantages Of Stainless Steel Eyebolts:

    1. Excellent stainless steel material, prevent rust and oxidation, and reliable quality

    2. Stable structure, no burr in polishing, clear thread

    3. Strict quality approval, durable, not easy to slip

    4. Factory direct sales, honest management, high quality and low price

    Why Choose Us?

    1. Rich experience: 10+ years of strong merchants, source factory supply

    2. Support customization: can be customized according to drawings and samples, and the delivery time is short

    3. Sufficient stock: 10,000 square meters of workshop, sufficient inventory

    4. Timely delivery: logistics with long-term cooperation and perfect delivery service system

    5. Quality assurance: Special personnel control, quality is guaranteed, and product certificates are provided

    Production Process

    Lifting ring screws are widely used in important industries such as ports, shipbuilding, railways, construction, plastic machinery, industrial control, pipeline auxiliary equipment, marine rescue, airport construction, aerospace, venues and other important industries as well as infrastructure engineering machinery and equipment. 

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