From “small and micro enterprises” to “industry leaders” “Made in Nanning” stands up the backbone of industry


Mestar has a number of invention patents and core technologies, which has improved the level of intelligent manufacturing and made the high-gold content "Made in Nanning" more recognized by the market. The picture shows that after the Mestar technician enters the designed drawings, the laser cutting machine can automatically cut into various styles of plates.

Strong industry is the primary task of a strong capital, and manufacturing is the main battlefield for the revitalization of the real economy and the source of power for the development of the industrial economy.

Since the beginning of this year, Nanning has carried out the activity of breakthrough year in the development of the manufacturing industry, mobilized the strength of the whole city to promote the strong leader, supplement the chain, and gather clusters in the manufacturing industry, concentrated on investment, projects, and services, and took the "eight batches" of enterprise cultivation and project construction as an important starting point, and made breakthroughs in the manufacturing industry to achieve a good start in the full implementation of the strategy of strengthening the capital and high-quality industrial development. According to statistics, from January to August this year, the added value of industries above the specified level increased by 4.1% year-on-year, 6.1 percentage points higher than that of the whole region. The output value of the three key industries of electronic information, advanced equipment manufacturing and biomedicine increased by 13.9% year-on-year, accounting for 34.3% of the city's total industrial output value above designated size, an increase of 3.2 percentage points over the same period of the previous year.

Following the pace of the theme of "fully implementing the strategic research trip of the strong capital", the reporter walked into a construction machinery manufacturing enterprise supported by Nanning - Guangxi Mestar Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Mestar), to experience the strong "endogenous power" released by the strong industry of the capital city, and record the unique charm of the growing and high-end "Made in Nanning".

In the workshop of Meisda, the reporter saw that a series of processes from blanking to processing, assembly, welding, spraying, final assembly, testing and production all use advanced manufacturing equipment, large laser cutting machines, large CNC bending machines, intelligent robot welding arms and CNC machining centers make construction machinery manufacturing efficient and accurate.

"This is Meida's modular crushing and screening equipment, each module equipment is assembled like a building block, and the production line is completed, and the focus is that it can enter the working state 24 hours a day." "Look, this is our newly developed and manufactured open-pit split DTH drilling rig, which can be widely used in slopes, anchoring, pipe sheds, construction, stone yards, original geomorphological development and foundation pit operations." Talking about the "Made in Nanning" products produced by himself, the company's chairman Huang Kanghua is like a treasure.

Back 11 years ago, that wasn't the case when the company started: in 2009, Mr. Wong rented a dilapidated factory in Ertang to start his own business, targeting the burgeoning mining machinery sector. However, due to the start-up capital of only 140,000 yuan at that time and the production plant of less than 1,000 square meters, this asset-light start-up enterprise often struggled due to insufficient liquidity when producing and operating.

The turning point occurred in 2014, when a government-bank-enterprise symposium matchmaking made Mestar and Nanning SME Service Center hit it off. The center continues to give full play to the policy-oriented advantages of the "two sessions, one meeting" financing platform, and has launched a series of "customized" services such as enterprise financing loans, small and medium-sized enterprise incubation funds, training for Nanning advanced incubation centers, and patent applications, which have solved the bottlenecks of enterprise technology, capital, land use and other factors, and promoted enterprises to enter the "fast lane" of development. Mestar has developed from a small team of three or five people to a leading mobile crushing and screening industry with a technical talent team of more than 90 people and a cumulative sales revenue of 700 million yuan in 2019, with products covering nearly 70% of the domestic market, becoming a well-known brand in the field of national engineering equipment participating in the "Belt and Road".

Core competitiveness is the key to expanding and gaining a place in an increasingly competitive market. To this end, Nanning pioneered the new measure of "investment, loan and subsidy" linkage of technological transformation project financing in the whole region, innovatively adopted the method of "leasing first and then transfer" to reduce land costs, and vigorously encouraged Meista to invest in the research and development of 21 products in 6 series, so that it has a number of invention patents and core technologies such as super rotor, horizontal non-fixed placement crusher technology, precision industrial remote control technology, etc., which has improved the level of enterprise intelligent manufacturing and made the high-gold content "Made in Nanning" more recognized by the market.

Huang Kanghua introduced that in the future, after the three production bases of Nanning High-tech Zone, Wuhe and Lingli are all completed and put into operation, Mestar will form a spatial layout of "one park and multiple factories", and it is expected that the output value of the entire industrial chain of Mestar will exceed 5 billion yuan in 2023, and a material handling construction machinery production and manufacturing cluster with important influence at home and abroad will be established around Nanning.

"At present, the center has formed a '1+3+6' public service platform pattern, and the level of innovative service ecological chain construction ranks first in the region, vigorously cultivating the 'seeds' made in Nanning through one-stop services, realizing the growth and transformation from small and micro enterprises to 100 million yuan enterprises and gazelle enterprises, and planning to cultivate Nanning's local 'unicorn enterprises' in the future." Bai Guosheng of Nanning Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Service Center said.

In the future, more and more local manufacturing companies like Mestar will emerge. The person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology said that the city regards enterprise cultivation as an important starting point for strengthening industrial clusters, focuses on promoting the development and growth of leading enterprises, and strives to add 3 new enterprises with an output value of more than 1 billion yuan throughout the year; More than 90 new enterprises have been newly established, providing strong support for the full implementation of the strategy of strengthening the capital.

Post time: Nov-02-2022