Guangxi Huimaotong Business Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Australia Ausgar Group Pty Ltd.

On March 10, 2022, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Guangxi Huimao Trading Co., Ltd. and Australia Ausgar Group Pty Ltd was held in Jinpenteng Building.

2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Australia, and it is also the first year that China and Australia signed the RCEP agreement and the agreement officially came into effect. In order to better help enterprises seize the opportunity of RCEP implementation, pragmatically dock the implementation of RCEP, and promote the cooperation between enterprises of the two countries to a new level, Guangxi Huimao Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. and Australia Ausgar Group Pty Ltd took the opportunity to sign a strategic cooperation agreement here.

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Australian wine is Australia's characteristic industry, with a long history and exquisite winemaking technology, multicultural background winemaking experience, its wines focus on the production area, products have their own characteristics, annual production of 1 billion liters, exports to the world of more than 800 million liters of wine. Therefore, the two sides take Australian wine as the starting point to further deepen cooperation in the promotion of Australian red wine, white wine, grape juice, whisky, brandy and other alcoholic beverages, in addition, the two sides reached a consensus on strengthening enterprise cooperation, giving full play to the resource advantages in their respective fields, focusing on the implementation of RCEP to help Guangxi high-quality products promote in Australia, at the same time, actively build a business and trade information exchange platform between Australian and Guangxi enterprises, broaden cooperation channels, share RCEP development opportunities, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Make due contributions to promoting China-Australia relations.

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Post time: Nov-02-2022